Serengeti National Park , Tanzania


Serengeti National Park in northern Tanzania is a classical safari destination, home to some of the biggest populations of mammals in the world.

The annual Wildebeest Migration is also one of the major attractions in the pristine Serengeti Park, covering 15000 km² of endless plains dotted with lone trees. Every year, from December to July, vast numbers of hoofed animals migrate across the Serengeti Ecosystem, moving between Masai Mara and the larger Serengeti Park, which share unfenced borders.


Large wildlife populations inhabit Serengeti, with the animals themselves being robust. The Big Five of Africa are found in plenty here, with an abundance of lions to be seen. Serengeti is actually considered to host Africa’s largest population of lions. More than 500 species of birds are also found here, including many raptors.


The vast plains, resounding silence and open horizons of the Serengeti Park make for an unparalleled African safari experience of a lifetime. Given the sheer scale of this magnificent wilderness area, you will encounter fewer tourists on game drives than in some of the other top national parks in Africa.

Serengeti-National-Parkserengetie-golkopjes-1-2go362938elephants-serengeti-national-park-tanzania-3918228439A landscape from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.


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